Iron River Pole Building Project

Switzer Construction LLC recently built a pole building for a client out in Iron River, Michigan.

The owner of this property needed a new pole building to store his tractor and equipment. Switzer Construction LLC went out to access the site in September and got to work!

The team started by clearing and leveling the site removing all of the trees and brush from the construction zone. As a standard, Switzer always places cement footings at least 42″under the surface to avoid frost heaving during the harsh U.P. winters.

Next they put up the frame of the building using pressure treated posts on cement pads. High-grade studs were used for the wall girts and the roof now sits on continuous LVL header beams! As an extra line of defense, the crew also put the optional housewrap on this pole building to help keep wind driven rain out.

Project Details

  • Cement footings 42″ below surface prevent frost heaving
  • High-grade studs for wall girts
  • Continuous LVL header beams for roof
  • Housewrap as second line of defense
  • Low Maintenance Roof and Siding
  • 2 ft over-hang on front 1ft on sides & back

The Exterior

The client picked a waitscot exterior for the siding which not only gives the building a nice two toned look, but also offers an easy fix it you accidentally clip the side of the building while plowing. If the lower section gets dented or torn, workers can just pull off the waitscot and apply a new section!

This pole building features three different sizes and styles of windows and two different service doors including one with a window in the door. The service doors are also raised above ground level to make shoveling around entrances easier. The slanted metal roof will shed snow easily to avoid cave ins and with the 2 foot over hang in the front, you can stand comfortably next to the building without worries of getting dumped on!

Look like a pole building you might like?


Construction Date: September - October
Location: Iron River, Michigan
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