Dead River Basin Garage Project

This Dead River Basin resident needed new garage and they came to Switzer Construction LLC. After talking to Eric and TJ about the design, the Switzer crew got to work on building the new garage!

The garage has a bed of rock-solid concrete underneath and is sitting on two courses of cement blocks to keep the structure off the snowy ground during the U.P. winters. The walls are constructed with top-grade studs, oriented strand board, and LVL headers.

This client needed a two stall garage door and for the building color scheme to match their existing structures. The team customized the siding and roof colors perfectly to match the house and the garage was fitted with a two stall windowed garage door. The client also had the garage housewrapped as a second line of defense when it comes to wind driven wrap and keeping the heat in.

Special Project Features

  • Custom siding and roof to match house
  • Two stall windowed garage door
  • Two windowed service doors
  • Six installed windows

Seem like something you're looking for?


Construction Date: August - October
Location: Dead River Basin, Marquette County, MI
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