If larger, taller or both are what you are looking for maybe take a look at Switzer Construction LLC post frame buildings. Post Frame Buildings are one of Switzer’s most common builds and they will make them in all shapes, sizes and styles!


While we often design Pole Buildings to a client’s specifications, we have plenty of standard services that we offer on any Post Frame Building.

Cement footings are drilled down to a minimum of 42″ below the surface to prevent frost heaving during the cold U.P. winters.

Pressure treated posts are set on cement pads and tower out of the ground to the height required for your building. High-grade studs are used for the wall girts, the roof sits on continuous LVL header beams, and housewrap is optional to act as a second line of defense and keep widen driven rain out.

Engineered roof trusses, OSB, and synthetic felt underlayment will make your building stronger. Your roof won’t drip inside due to condensation during the Spring and Fall. Long-lasting metal roofing and siding will finish off the exterior of your building in the colors of your choice.

The most durable, insulated, operator-prepped Hormann overhead doors come in a variety sizes, styles, and colors. Windows and doors can be sized to meet your needs.


Iron River Pole Building Project

Switzer Construction LLC recently built a pole building for a client out in Iron River, Michigan.

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