If you need a place to park your car, boat, UTV, motorcycle or other precious items, a Garage by Switzer Construction LLC is right for you. The Switzer crew has built garages of all shapes and sizes even log style garages!


While we often design Garages to a client’s specifications, we have plenty of standard services that we offer on any Post Frame Building.

Your garage will have a rock-solid concrete slab with a minimum of two courses of cement block to keep your structure off the snowy ground.

Your walls will be locked to the foundation and will withstand the strongest winds. They will be constructed with top-grade studs, OSB, housewrap, and LVL headers.

You will have wide range of color choices for your shingles or metal roofs. Underneath will be engineered roof trusses, OSB, and synthetic underlayment. Siding options are limitless for your garage, including low maintenance option of vinyl or LP smart siding.

All garage will have gorgeous, heavy duty soft and fascia. The most durable, insulated, operator-prepped Hormann overhead door comes in many sizes, styles, and colors. Windows and doors can be matched to your home or changed for a bold, new look.


Dead River Basin Garage Project

This Dead River Basin resident needed new garage and they came to Switzer Construction LLC. The team managed to match the building colors to the home perfectly!

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